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About Me

I live in beautiful Sydney, Australia. I’m a graduate of Curtin University in Perth, with a BA (Professional Writing and Publishing) 2018, and a Post Graduate Certificate from Macquarie University, Sydney in Editing and Electronic Publishing, 2020.

I’ve always had a deep love of reading, especially the way you can lose yourself in another world by opening the pages of a great story.

My favourite genre to edit is fiction; fantasy fiction, science fiction, chick lit., historical fiction, young adult fiction, and children’s fiction. I also love reading and editing biographies and autobiographies. I feel the secret to making these kinds of non-fiction narratives interesting is in the style of narration, the ‘voice’ of the narrator, and the way the narrative is structured and the level of detail revealed.

I’ve worked with many kinds of narratives from fiction to non-fiction, poetry, and children’s fiction. I have a broad range of experience and I’m happy to work with almost any genre.

Please contact me with any questions you may have, I’m always happy to help where I can.

My Services

I use Microsoft Word for most of the editing tasks, manuscripts need to be submitted using .doc format, .docx format, however NOT pdf format.


Developmental Editing / Substantive Editing

This is the first stage of editing which your manuscript will undergo. I look at the manuscript as a whole, focusing on the overall structure, focus, pace, plot, and shape of the narrative. This involves looking at your characters, are they believable, the subplots, and how all the different elements of your narrative weave together, deciding what areas of your manuscript need strengthening, and provide suggestions as to how to improve your manuscript’s narrative, plot, characters, and structure. Suggestions are made using comments in track changes, a feature of Microsoft Word.

Not every manuscript will necessarily need much developmental editing, however this will be determined by my first read through of your manuscript.


Line Editing

Line editing involves working through your manuscript line-by-line, tightening up any issues in the sentence structure, ensuring the language is sharp and clear. I will look closely at whether your word choice and syntax contributes to the tone or emotion of your writing. Line editing also focuses on the pace and logical flow of your narrative’s plot.

Comments will be used via track changes in Microsoft Word to highlight areas that need attention, along with suggestions for you to consider in order to make appropriate changes.



Copyediting is essentially correcting your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This involves looking at the tense of your words, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, ensuring the form of English you are writing in (American, British, Australian, or other) is consistent with the spelling and noun usage according to the form of English you are using. Also possible, there may be further line editing suggestions where a sentence could be improved. Factual errors in the plot, such as consistency with your character’s names, their attributes, and the flow of events, are also part of the copyediting task.

When copyediting, changes will be made directly to the text of your manuscript, along with comments or suggestions using track changes in Microsoft Word so you can see each change made. These can be easily reversed and addressed.


This is the final stage of editing, where I check to ensure there are no errors in the final draft prior to publication. It involves combing through the manuscript word by word, checking the structure, chapters, and layout, ensuring the final draft is ready for publication, either as an electronic publication, or for print.

For electronic publications, the work also involves ensuring that the features of the electronic publication are functioning as they should; the format, layout, structure, chapter headings, page numbering, font type, and sizing. This proofreading is undertaken once the manuscript has been turned into an epub, prior to its being made available to readers.


A free sample edit of up to 2000 words is available for all manuscripts. This provides me with the opportunity to see what kinds of editing may be required for your manuscript, and an idea of how much time the editing may take to complete.

Should you decide to go ahead with me as your editor, a 20% deposit is required before working on your manuscript, and a final payment after the editing has been finished, prior to me returning your manuscript to you. I’m also happy to negotiate staggered payment, please contact me directly to discuss this further.

Manuscripts that require several kinds of editing may be eligible for a reduced combined price per word, or price per hour. I am always happy to negotiate my pricing, some manuscripts may be in great shape already, resulting in lower prices, whereas others may require extensive editing.  A price guideline is provided below in US dollars, however I can be paid in almost any currency. 

I can also work by the hour if you prefer too.


Developmental Editing Substantive Editing

.0078 cents per word


Line Editing

.006 cents per word



.006 cents per word


.004  cents per word

Client Recommendations

Here are some recent reviews from my beloved clients about my services.

I full heartedly recommend Tina Sade as an editor for your work.

While working with Tina, I found her to be efficient, on point, and honest as well. She was focused and open to any ideas and discussions regarding the project. I am very satisfied with her performance and would love to work with her again.

Kinga Hajba, Hungary


The support I have received from Tina has been amazing.

At every step of the process she has kept me updated and given relevant and clear feedback with clear actions. It’s daunting putting your work out there and getting that feedback, but I feel much more confident now that I have had Tina’s input. A developmental editor is an investment, but it’s well worth it. I’m looking forward to the next stage of the process.

Francesca Baker, United Kingdom


Tina’s attention to detail and logical way of thinking was exactly what I needed to get my manuscript into the best shape.

Like any author, I was too close to my work to catch inconsistencies, spelling mistakes, or things that make little sense. Tina’s feedback allowed me to take a step back and understand how my words sound to others, and how to alter them in order to convey my thoughts, bringing my characters and the setting to life naturally and efficiently.

Bisera Knezevic, UAE

Science Fiction/Fantasy

I am a Turkish academic, specialising in music. Tina agreed to proofread my article, and I am so glad to have gotten to know Tina, I feel lucky we have worked together.

She found not only the spelling mistakes, but also gave me feedback on the meaningless and illogical sentences in the article. Tina worked at a high level, carefully, and I received my edited work quickly. I will work with Tina from now on.

Dr. Sibel Celik Diyarbakır, Turkey

Academic Article/Musical History

What an amazing experience!

Tina proofread my workbook for me and did an amazing job. She is very efficient and gets back to me very quickly with her messages. I’m really pleased with the end result and will definitely be using her again.

Rachel Hughes, Ireland

Smoke-free Freedom/Non-fiction

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